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The Azura - Owner P & O Cruises

We undertook a 7 night return cruise from Southampton around the Bay of Biscay on the Azura in April 2016. The Azura, at just over 115,000 tons, is one of the larger ships in the P&O fleet. Externally and internally the Azura is not too disimilar to the Emerald Princess although the decor is very different. It is an easy ship to get about because no sills were encountered and most doors opened and closed automatically. Our cabin B301 was well appointed for a full time wheelchair user and was identical in layout to that of the Emerald Princess. The ensuite bathroom toilet was a little low but we had brought a 3 inch toilet seat riser with us which made transfers considerably easier. The wheel in shower had a folding bench seat, Wendy required a little more stability than this offered and although we thought we had requested the provision of a shower chair, this was no where to be seen. A request for one to the stateroom steward produced one almost immediately and Wendy had no problem using any of the cabin facilities. We had requested fixed dining but of the many restaurants on board, the only fixed or club dining one was located in the stern and our cabin was located near the bow serveral decks higher. This restaurant, the Oriental, could only be accessed from the stern lift and we found we had to first take one lift down several decks, travel nearly the full length of the ship along the promenade deck to the stern and try and get in another lift down to the restaurant. This was often difficult when many passengers wanted to do this at the same time.

Cruises taken on the Azura:

Around the Bay of Biscay