VW Campervan for a wheelchair user
VW Campervan

Donington Park Motor Racing circuit was the venue of the 2003 Disability Roadshow. Next door is the Donington Park Farm Caravan site, not an ideal site for the wheelchair user but nevertheless, on the occasion of the show, it was being used by a number of disabled campers visiting the show. My attention was attracted to a VW T4 long wheelbase 2.5 TDi campervan conversion. What was striking about this set up was that the owner, Al, a wheelchair user, managed this outfit and two dogs all by himself.

His compact conversion had been carried out by MCC(Reimo), a Manchester company, to his design and was fitted with hand controls, a wind out awning and a Ricon Eciplse lift which enabled Al to exit and enter the van on a ''Power Trike'. The Trike, once uncoupled from the manual chair, stored neatly behind the passenger seat. The inside was fitted out with everything you would expect to find in a campervan, fridge, single bed, storage cupboards, and even a toilet/shower compartment. The space under the sink had been used to construct a kennel and safety cage for his two dogs. Note: MCC (Reimo) is no longer in business in Manchester.

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