Update Record
7th November 2000Site Created
3rd August 2001 Gibraltar added to caravan travels
14th January 2002Australian Hotel information added
10th June 2002Machzone added to 'Spotted' links
10th June 2002Travel page on Channel Ferries added
25th July 2002Switzerland added to Caravan Travels
1st February 2003Caribbean Cruise on the Aurora added to other travels
18th June 2003Spotted VW Campervan
25th September 2003Spotted - Large 'American'
2nd December 2004Norway added to Caravan travels
20th January 2005Denmark added to Caravan travels
1st February 2005Winnebago "C Class" added to Spotted
22nd February 2005Benimar's Eurable update of 'Spotted' links
23rd February 2005SEA/CPT C Class added to 'Spotted' links
12th July 2005EventHomes C Class added to 'Spotted' links
6th Sept 2006Slovenia added to Caravan Travels
11th Sept 2006Ford Herald added to spotted Page
7th Dec 2006Portugal and Spain pages revised and Photo Galleries added
17th March 2007Drivelodge Custom Built update of 'Spotted' links
30th April 2007Spain 2007 Blog of visit added
7th Nov 2007Our Tips added
7th Nov 2007France and Spain updated
6th March 2008Visit to Jamaica
12th March 2008Caribbean Cruise - Sea Princess added
5th March 2009Caribbean Barbados added
5th March 2009Caribbean Cruise Ventura added
30th May 2009Norwegian Cruise Oceana added
21 July 2009Around Iberia 2009 Blog of visit added
24th September 2009Spain and Portugal updates
29th January 2010Mercedes 310D added to spotted Page
19th May 2010Morocco added to Caravan Travels
9th November 2010Mediterranean Cruise added to Other Travels
7th March 2011Spain 2011 Blog of visit added
31st December 2011Mohican Live in Report finalised
31st December 2011Custom build - acquistion and information complete
12th June 2013Videos added to site
26th June 2013Italy added to caravan travels
26th June 2013Blog of 5 countries tour added
10th July 2013Photo gallery of 2013 Tour added
4th November 2013Black Sea Cruise added
24th February 2016Useful links page updated
1st May 2016Cruising and ship information pages update
1st August 2016Our 2016 tour which includes the Ile de Re
2nd April 2017Winter Rally Spain 2017
27th June 2017France update
1st June 2018Croatia update
6th March 2019New cruise, Amazon Adventure
6th December 2020Slide show of Morocco added
1st January 2022RS Endeavour Live in Report update
27th July 2022British Travel page update. Melrose and Moffat added

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