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Far Away Places - Introduction

Wendy is paraplegic and uses a wheelchair. You may have read our pages about caravanning which are accessible from our home page, these form the bulk of this web site. However, we do from time to time take other forms of holiday and from this page you can by selecting items from the left hand side menu read about our travels and wheelchair access in the places we have been to without a caravan or motorhome.

Some destinations we have travelled to by air but many have been via cruise ships so we have also included specific information pages on each cruise ship used.

The views we express are our experiences and we hope the able bodied and the less able in similar situations will find them useful. However, "Nothing in life is permanent" changes occur and if you are handicaped in any way and plan a trip similar to what we describe, we strongly urge you to make your own checks on the suitability of the facilities for your visit.

If you would like to comment about this site, contact us by clicking

Enjoy your travels.

Pete and Wendy