1998 Ford Herald coachbuilt
This motorhome was spotted for sale on the internet and added another dimension as to how a disabled person could enter and leave the vehicle. The owner was partially ambulant so had not made any other modifications to it other than those detailed here. It was eventually sold to a couple who were unlikely to make use of the adaptations. These photos have been reproduced by kind permission of the advertiser, Vivien Ford Herald
Rear Lounge Hand Controls
Rear Lounge Hand Controls
No modifications had been made to the accommation area of this motorhome. The rear lounge as well as providing the living area can also be made up into a bed. Hand controls had been fitted and the passenger side is fitted with a Turny Seat and a transfer board was used to move from the passenger seat to the drivers seat.
Turny Seat in place Turny Seat Turny Seat partially lowered Turny Seat ready for use
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