Event Homes custom built coachbuilt
This spacious 26ft motorhome, build on a Mercedes 814 chassis, by Event Homes, was on display at the Donnington Park 2005 Mobility Roadshow. It had been custom built for its tetraplegic owner and carer and was fitted with, satellite TV, on board generator and a hoist whose overhead trackway ran the full length of the motorhome. Wheelchair access is gained via a wide double opening side door and an electrically operated lift which leads into the main accommodation area of the motorhome. The front passenger seat had been removed to create a space for the wheelchair whilst travelling. Event Home
Rear view Front view
Rear View Front View
The rear view shows the entrance to the shower room and toilet. The kitchen is on the left out of picture but can be partially seen in the full width picture below. Note the hoist and its track in the top of the picture. This could be used for transfers from the bed shown in the front view to wheelchair or to the shower room/toilet. The luton provides another bed and a side dinette (not shown in the pictures) is to the rear of the entrance and completes the layout
Front view Full width view
Full width views
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