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LUXEMBOURG-August 1997, June 2000, July 2006 and June 2013
Luxembourg Emblem Camping Grit

On all four of our visits to Luxembourg we stayed at Camping Grit on the banks of the River Sure. The site is rurally located at Ingledorf, midway between the towns of Ettlebruck and Diekirch. For those interested in miltary history, this area was the scene of fierce fighting in World War 11 as the many monuments in the area and the museum in Diekirch will testify to. The museum is well worth a visit although wheelchair access is limited.

Our stay in 1997 was for 4 days and that in 2000 for 2 days with the stay in 2006 being for 3 days. In 2013 we stayed 6 days on the way home from our 2013 Five Countries Tour. I kept a blog of this trip and you can read more about this here. We noticed many changes in the site since our last visit. The most obvious was the two new state of the art toilet blocks and the new bridge over the river which provides access to the site. The main toilet block next to reception and the bar/restaurant now has toilet facilities for the disabled. We also noted an increase in statics. These probably occupy 70 percent of the pitches, many of them in prime locations. Nevertheless none of this has altered the rural charm of the site

A cyleway runs between Ettlebruck and Diekirch along the river bank. These have been expanded making it even easier to visit the local facilities in Ingledorf itself or either town. It is a pleasant level walk/cycle of about 1-1/2 miles along the riverside to either town. Both have level pedestrian areas and neither is difficult to get around.

Close by the camp site, no more than a 10 minute walk away, there is a very large modern Cactus Comercial Centre which includes the Cactus supermarket. It has parking and toilets for the disabled as does the supermarket in Diekirch. However we noticed, as in 2006, a leveling off in prices and whilst the cost of fuel remains one of the cheapest on the continent, other prices are now comparable to anywhere else within the EEC.

For those who might wish to travel the 18 miles into the city of Luxembourg without a vehicle, there is a train service from Ettlebruck and Diekirch but we have never used it. There is also a bus service which runs along the opposite bank of the river to the site. Buses were not wheelchair friendly and while I did see some trains with a wheelchair symbol on specific coaches, this was not the case with every train.