SEA/CPT coachbuilt
This entry level motorhome, build on a Fiat 18 chassis, by the same Italian group who produce the McLouis motorhomes, was on display in Februay 2005 at the NEC Boat and Caravan Leisure Show and is a standard production model. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me so the pictures on this page were taken from the brochure. The layout of this 4 berth within a 6.94 metre body and the inovative features built in to make living with a wheelchair so much easier, impressed me. Clearly a lot of thought had gone into the design. CPT Layout
CPT access CPT access CPT access
Wheelchair access is gained via a wide front side door and an electrically operated lift which leads into the main accommodation area of the motorhome. The lift was believed to be of Italian origin and although it did not retract under the floor, it did not intrude into the living space when stowed as can be seen in the picture of the front view and table.
Front view
The table had been cleverly designed to pull out from a smaller dinette table to create the wheelchair accessible table space but when stowed allowed access to the swivelling passenger chair.
Rear view showing the fixed bed
At the rear was a fixed double bed built at a sensible height. The shower tray was recessed into the floor and covered by the grid visible in the centre of the aisle
Bathroom The shower and toilet compartment could be screened off using a shower curtain and the hand shower could be used whilst in the wheelchair or whilst seated on the toilet. Toilet and shower
It wasn't certain how transfer to the bed could be achieved but it didn't look impossible especially if the wheelchair had removable or swivelling footplates which would then allow a forward transfer. Although the bathroom washbasin allowed access for the knees, it was thought the wheel arch would in fact restrict this. Nevertheless the design was probably the best that could be achieved in this size of vehicle and the makers are to be congratulated. With a gross vehicle weight of 3500Kgms and powered by the 2.8JTD engine. the performance should be adequate. However, the payload was unknown and it is recommended that a prospective buyer should check this and ensure it meets their requirements.
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