Benimar 'Eurable'
Build on a Fiat Maxi chassis, by the well known Benimar company to an RDH design, it is hoped this prototype will be the fore runner of things to come. RDH Motorhomes of Beeston Nottingham have listened to the requirements of the disabled and taken the bold step of producing a motorhome which is hoped will eventually be incorporated into their hire fleet and also become a standard production model. In its present form, it will not suit all disablilities but wheelchair users with some mobility should find the current layout and modifications satisfactory. The vehicle is not equipped with hand controls.

Benimar Eurable

Benimar rear access Wheelchair access is gained via a wide rear door and an electrically operated Ricon KlearVue lift which leads through the rear toilet and shower compartment into the main accommodation area of the motorhome.
The shower compartment is equipped with a hand shower, a shower seat and a grab rail. The toilet is opposite the shower compartment. With the current design, transfer to the shower seat for the non ambulent would be difficult but transfer to the toilet seat could be managed. (Six months later, I saw this vehicle on display at the Feb 2005 NEC Boat and Caravan Leisure Show and I noticed the shower configuration had been altered to make it much more wheelchair friendly) Benimar shower seat
Benimar front view Two good sized bunk beds are provided. The lower one is a little high but transfer on to it should be possible for the non ambulent using a transfer board. The lower bunk also folds upwards to give more room and create a turning area for a wheelchair. Transfer to the front passenger seat should also be possible with the help of a transfer board,
Opposite the front dinette is a well appointed kitchen area. Benimar kitchen
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