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Four Winds InfinityAt the 2003 Northern Motorhome Show in York, this 'A' class, 36ft, 'Easy Access' Four Winds Infinity motorhome, specifically designed for the disabled, was on display. I was staggered to learn it is a standard production model in the USA. Cheshire American Motorhomes have imported it for a client in the UK at a cost of 90,000 - out of my league in price as well as size but I just had to have a look at it! The picture on the left shows a model without the wide door or the highly desirable (our favorite) Braun UVL wheelchair lift which was fitted. This luxury motorhome or to quote Wendy 'bungalow on wheels,' would give considerable living independence to it's wheelchair bound owner. A few interior photos are shown below but for further detail have a look at Cheshire American Motorhomes or the Four Winds site where at the latter you can find a floor plan of the 34W 'Easy Access' model and futher pictures. You will however require an HGV or Cat 'C' licence to drive this petrol driven Ford V10, 6.8 litre,10 ton vehicle. I was told it did 14 m.p.g. which if correct is not bad for the size of the vehicle.
Rear view Wheel in Shower Front view
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